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Redshark – Digital Race


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Genre: Ηeavy/Speed/Power Metal
Country: Spain
Label: Listenable Records
Year: 2022

 Redshark is a new band from Barcelona. The band members are Pau Correas in vocals, Mark Striker on drums, Chris Carrest in bass, Javier Bono and Philip Graves on guitars. They have released two EP’s, in 2016 and 2019 and “Digital Race” is their debut album. I had not listened to their music before this album but they make it easy for you to understand their musical vision. They live and breathe for 80’s Heavy Metal, when genres were not so easily distinguished, but this something that doesn’t not seem to interest anyone in the band. The group plays a mix of Heavy, Speed and Power Metal. They have no desire to innovate but surely they know very well what they want to do. They absolutely possess the spirit of that time and bring it with freshness to today. As I’ll try to be more specific I’ll use other band names, so I would place them somewhere in between Judas Priest, Exciter and Metal Church. In an era where Heavy Metal flourished but at the same time it wanted to test its limits. Sometimes it was archetypal and sometimes it became more melodic and faster. The song structure is so damn  80’s while the nine tracks plus one instrumental, do not exceed a total duration of 39 minutes. The group has passion, technique and has the whole package to stand out today. In style and philosophy quite reminiscent of their Finnish peers Ranger, although they are not completely attached to speed metal. Those of you, who listen to these bands, check out Redshark as a promiscent suggestion.

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