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Ringworm Releases New Single “Thought Crimes”


Last Updated on 02:32 PM by Giorgos Tsekas

Cleveland extreme metal legends RINGWORM have delivered another brutal taste of their highly-anticipated, 9th full-length album, Seeing Through Fire, that’s out August 18th from Nuclear Blast Records. Today, the band has released, ‘Thought Crimes,’ a track of epic brutality and relentless aggression.

Commenting on the song, vocalist Human Furnace says:

“‘Thought Crimes.’ Speed. Aggression. Attack. All the things that come to mind, sonically, when I think of this song. It’s a manic song. It makes you move. Lyrically, it’s not a political song. It’s about trying to have your own thoughts amongst an ocean of controlled marketing, algorithms, and forced tribalism. It’s a natural emotional response to being sculpted, directed, and sometimes, ordered, to believe in one thing or the other.”

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