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Riot: The Show Must Go On…


Last Updated on 09:01 PM by Giorgos Tsekas

One should be very careful on the way he addresses Riot; even the most positive words could offend one of the most legendary bands in the history of Heavy Metal! You realize, now, what plight it is for a signatory to do something like that; the risk and the enormous responsibility you need to carry on your back for such a risky venture. I won’t anathematize the moment I agreed to be a part of this dangerous attempt (G. Tsekas is responsible for that), but instead I faced blissfully the great task I was given (Tsekas to blame again), i.e. to publicly express my great admiration for the great Riot.

Since Rock City until today, the wonderful musical journey with Riot continues with the same unflagging interest and the same (yet unusual) charm of the “metalhead” years during youth. It’s worth wondering how after all these years (38 years actually), after so many changes in lineup and the many tests they’ve been through, Riot managed to always be able to form, even after Reale’s big loss, groups of musicians, with excellent technical qualifications and create musical masterpieces that will remain immortal through time.

So it is perfectly natural to be engulfed with the belief that you know a priori that every Riot’s concert is exciting. Those who attended the concert can confirm that Riot was once again spectacular and this is evidenced by the fact that the band was” forced ” by the crowd, to perform for the second time the track “Take Me Back”.

Riot is an inexhaustible spring of talent, passion and energy on stage. We must bow to Riot both for this concert but also for their great contribution to the music we love.

I was personally touched by the fact that they played several songs from their first albums bringing sweet memories of the past to the surface; reminding us of the authenticity of the Heavy Metal origins.

Well done to Riot!

The show must go on…

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