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Robespierre – Garden of Hell


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Genre: N.W.O.B.H.M.
Country: U.K.
Label: Shadow Kingdom Records
Year: 2018

Let me make it clear now and forever that it’s the same to me whether a group has been active for a prolonged time or has made a break and then came back again after years of inactivity. In the case of Robespierre nothing of the two applies. They have neither recorded a really good album in their prime time, nor did they made a triumphant return now to record the album they should have composed in the years of their youth. In 2011, when I first heard about them, they have finally managed to print their debut in a limited edition. The album had moderate success, and absolutely no triumph followed it. It did not go unnoticed though, since the thirst of NWOBHM’s fans gave the group the fifteen minutes of publicity they were “entitled” to. Unfortunately, however, the attention they attracted uncovered a naive approach and an overwhelmingly weak and hopeless re-emergent version of a modern approach to NWOBHM. I would be totally fine with their approach if it seemed more truthful, because from my point of view they tried to steal something away from the naivety of supporters of the genre, especially the younger ones. Perhaps we should not blame them at all, because perhaps this is how they play after all, that’s their style. So, for all those who got dazzled just clean your ears and stop looking for hidden gems and lost treasures where they do not exist.


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