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Rotting Christ: New 30 year anniversary EP coming our way


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Commencing celebrations marking 30 years of Greece’s premier Black Metal export Rotting Christ, the band present a brand new 2018 studio offering – The Call – on a special 7” vinyl release.

The epic title track was recorded specially for this release and shows a band still operating at the peak of its creative powers. The EP also contains a live rendition of early classic The Sign Of Evil Existence which features Behemoth’s Nergal and Varathron’s Necroabyssus on guest vocals.

“Dear Listener, We decided to celebrate our 30 years of existence with some faithful to our underground roots releases and The Call is one of those releases. Hope you will enjoy our journey into the depths of the darkness and, until the next 30 years celebration release, keep the true Metal Spirit alive”.

Sakis (Rotting Christ)

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