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Rotting Christ w/ Exarsis, Death Courier 27.02.2016 @ Sporting House (Patra)


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by Evaggelos Charis

Each of Rotting Christ’s visit in Patra is considered a great event and that’s because we’re talking about a group that has earned the respect of thousands of metalheads all over the glove throughout their entire career and continues to grow its name bigger and bigger as days go by. The recent release of their new album ‘Rituals’ begun with a world tour initiating from the capital of Achaia something that happened once more almost 3 years ago for the promotion of their last album ‘Κατά Τον Δαίμονα Εαυτού’, proving that the choice of starting their tour from Patras is not even close to random.

But let’s take things from the start. The change of the venue, the eve of the local carnival events and the parallel conduct of many festivals in the capital discouraged the crowd and the turnout was limited. Nevertheless the spring-time disproved everything and around 20:30pm the crowd slowly began to gather outside the venue in which the concert was going to be held. Everyone was ready to enjoy a gig worthy of the history of the groups that would support the main act of the night. Shortly after 21:00 old school death / thrashers Death Courier hit the stage. Like a well adjusted machine, Bill, Elias and George presented their best efforts on the stage honoring their worthy debut ‘Demise’ and their most recent release ‘Perimortem’. In addition, the band provided the lucky people that came to the concert with new unreleased material since their new album is in making. Having as an ally a very good sound, they caused mayhem almost during their entire thirty-minute set. It’s a band that deserves respect and is a benchmark in the Greek heavy metal. Songs-hymns for the Greek Death / Thrash scene like ‘Copkiller’, ‘Demise’, ‘Mindwarp’ and the latest ‘Feeding The Abyss’, ‘Deprive The Deceased’, ‘Rostov Ripper’, ‘Devour The Moment’ brought joy to the ‘old’ ones and gave the opportunity to young people to learn their work .

As time passed, the crowd grew in numbers and packed the venue. The atmosphere was becoming hotter. It was time to welcome the Athenians old school thrashers Exarsis. Their 3rd studio effort, ‘Human Project’ hadn’t been heard live in the city till this day and the band’s successful formula as the support act of Rotting Christ last summer in Rockwave Festival seems to have left a positive impression, so we enjoyed them here in Patras as well. Based on their latest release and on their amazing release ‘The Brutal State’, the band made us understand why thrash is the voice of metal. Headbanging, moshpits and the incredible energy they pass on to the crowd through songs like ‘False Flag Attack’, ‘Toxic Terror’, ‘Skull And Bones’, ‘Addicting Life Waste’ are the trademark of their live performances. ‘Abnormal Generation’, ‘Dying Earth’, ‘Surveillance Society’, ‘Under Destruction’. One thing is certain, that this thrash grenade performing such shows has nothing but great future and you should grab the chance to see them live, as I guess they’re going to make the same steps bands like Suicidal Angels did and it’ll not be easy for you do catch them.

Whatever is said is only a small glimpse of what actually happened when Rotting Christ hit the stage. Only the attendees of the gig can actually know what happened. Even though I enjoyed the concert from the back “seats”, I have to say that I was a little bit jealous seeing how the band communicated with its fans. They began with ‘Ze Nigmar’ and by presenting their new record live. ‘Κατά Τον Δαίμονα Εαυτού’ followed and the first signs of frenzy were evident. ‘Αθάνατοι Είστε’, ‘Έλθε Κύριε’ and ‘Nemecic’ caused panic and gave the crowd the chance to enjoy tracks from the glorious past and the great album ‘The Mighty Contract’ from which ‘The Sign Of Evil Existence’ and ‘Fgmenth, Thy Gift’ were presented.

The cult glory did not stop there, as ‘The Forest Of N’Gai’ was next from the distant 1991, while ‘Passage To Arcturo’ made many of us smile, before our heads explode with a cover on Thou Art Lord’s track ‘Societas Satanas’. ‘In Yumen Xibalba’, ‘Quintessence’, ‘Enuma Elish’, ‘Noctis Era’ followed, creating a magical atmosphere, before leaving for the encore set. Then ‘ΧΞΣ’ and ‘Non Serviam’ were naturally heard. At that point the band took a photo with us and thanked once more the crowd that showed up and the organizers for trusting the.

As natural, Sakis and his gang performed outstandingly and I think they made quite an impression to those who aren’t that devoted to this genre of music. The band is getting better and better every time I see them perform and I hope they’ll continue following the same path. I also wish for such concerts to happen more oftenly to our city, because the crowd is thirsty and there are many people who offer services of such high levels… Keep the flame alive!

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