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Ruff Justice – No Justice No Peace


Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Arkeyn Steel Records
Year: 2023

Arkeyn Steel Records is reissuing the second “No Justice No Peace”, album of one of the finest Heavy Metal bands from Dallas, Texas, US: The mighty RUFF JUSTICE. This is the first part of a set of RUFF JUSTICE reissues. The label will also re-release the band’s “Wings of Desire” debut.

“No Justice No Peace” was released back in 1995. Only 200 CDs and 100 cassettes were produced by the band making this particular album one of the rarest US Metal items. However I have to point that this album should be mentioned and remembered mainly because of the wonderful music it includes. After all through this reissue everyone can enjoy the perfection of this gem.

“So what about the music of this one?” I can hear you, wondering. Well I would put in here a review that I have written about the private edition of this album 12 years ago (September 2011) and guess what, not a single line needs to be changed.

“If there was a God of Justice -or perhaps some better luck?- in the Metal Universe this band from Dallas, Texas, USA would be really big. I mean it. Their saga was not that big but this release was for sure their ultimate trademark -they have also released the “Just Us” live tape and the “Wings Of desire” CD) and the big proof of what that band was able to do musically.

“No Justice No Peace” was released back in 1995 on CD under the moniker of A.R.T. record label -drummer of the band Scott Baughn was behind the label-. It includes eight tracks of excellent melodic US Power Metal with some Prog touches here and there. The solid riffing, the magnificent guitar leads and themes and -above all- the great vocals are some of the features of this release that would make all of the fans of bands like QUEENSRYCHE -first period-, HEIR APPARENT and CRIMSON GLORY, to worship this one.

It is a fact that RUFF JUSTICE hadn’t got the talent to simply deliver just some excellent riffs and ideas here and there (like your usual heavy metal bands), they got the talent to release complete songs able to shine like diamonds in the Metal universe. A good riff can almost delivered by anyone, an outstanding Metal song is difficult to be created and believe me this release includes more than one outstanding Metal anthems!

Songs like “Trouble In Paradise, “Sanctuary”, “City In Flames” and of course the same titled magnum opus “No Justice No Peace” are for sure the absolute pick ups from this release”.

Those were the words of a younger fan full of enthusiasm for a new discovery. Today I would emphasize a little deeper to the generous touches of Melodic Metal, that can be heard in here, bringing into mind some good old bands of the genre: LEATHERWOLF, FIFTH ANGEL, MATAKOPAS and BANSHEE.

But let’s focus on the reissue for a while. Well there is some very interesting bonus material included on this particular reissue: “Free at Last” song in its only existing live version: This is one of the band’s best compositions that was to be included on the their third “The Awakening” full length that unfortunately never happened. We also have included the complete recordings that the band did after their 2010 reunion: The “Propaganda” demo from 2010 plus the 2014 & 2015 “Propaganda sessions”. All the above material should have appeared on another unreleased album called “Propaganda”, it is presented for the very first
time on CD on this reissue.

Everything has been remastered by Kostas Scandalis at Infinity Studios (Thessaloniki, Greece) for the best possible audio quality. On the liner notes there is a close focusing mainly on two specific phases of the band: The 1995, second album release period, and the 2010-2015 reunion period, lots of interesting information and details are revealed for the first time in here. Kostas Athanasoglou created the overall reissue artwork based on the original front cover, adding lots of never before seen photos and of course the complete set of lyrics.

One of the finest and rarest pieces of Dallas Metal history is finally available again. This is legacy of RUFF JUSTICE! A journey into a troubled Metal paradise!

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