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RUNNING WILD limited edition classic EPs to be released by No Remorse Records.


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RUNNING WILD classic EPs to be released as limited edition shaped picture discs by No Remorse Records on January 27th, 2023. PRE-ORDER starts on December 3, 2022 at www.noremorse.gr

RUNNING WILD need no introduction. It is one of the greatest metal bands ever, originally formed in 1979 in Hamburg, Germany, and released their first EP “Victim of States Power” in 1984, followed by albums which carved their names in heavy metal history among the best ones.

Between those albums, there are a few iconic EPs that will be now released as COLLECTOR’S LIMITED EDITION SHAPED PICTURE DISCS. Restored and mastered for vinyl by Bart Gabriel, and licensed courtesy of BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd, each shaped picture disc will be strictly limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

There will be 6 shaped picture discs:

“Victim of States Power” including:
A1. Victim of States Power
B2. Walpurgis Night (The Sign of Women’s Fight)
B3. Satan
“Bad to the Bone” including:
A1. Bad to the Bone
B1. The Battle of Waterloo
B2. March On
“Wild Animal” including:
A1. Wild Animal
A2. Chains and Leather
B1. Tear Down the Walls
B2. Störtebeker
“Little Big Horn” including:
A1. Little Big Horn
B1. Billy the Kid
B2. Genocide (Thin Lizzy cover)
“Lead or Gold” including:
A1. Lead or Gold
B1. Hanged, Drawn and Quartered
B2. Win or Be Drowned
“The Privateer” including:
A1. The Privateer
B1. Dancing on a Minefield
B2. Poisoned Blood

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