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Saboter: Revealed details for new album


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Αfter a short period of silence, the cult of SABOTER is back. Τhe band revealed the title, tracklist and cover artwork of their second album. “Architects of Evil” is going to be released on November 16th 2018 via No Remorse Records.

“Architects of Evil” consists of 7 Chapters of Relentlessness:

1. The Temple of R’lyeh
2. Architects of Evil
3. Rose Red
4. Golden Owl
5. To Glory We March
6. Sword of the Guardian
7. Order of Charity
8. Lamias Call (bonus track)

Drums recorded at D. Studio. Guitars & Bass recorded at Paroxysmal Hatred Studio. Vocals recorded at Pentagram Studio. Mixed and Mastered by George Emmanuel at Pentagram Studio.

Cover artwork by Chaostouched. Logo remake by Anastasia Ziazopoulou

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