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Sacred Reich – Ignorance


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Among my ten favorite Thrash albums because they played more mid paced, rounded and with a solid rhythm section, they made Metal even heavier, unbearable to lift steel. But don’t be fooled into thinking that «Ignorance» doesn’t have fast parts. Power riffs, contra drums, precision on playing, the debut from the Arizona band has all the gears and rides you like a 4×4.

The production is crystal clear, the drums sound solid as fuck, the cymbals and bass ring so pleasantly in my ears! (Listen to it done in the middle of «Victims of Demise»). And how can you question about a drummer who auditioned for Slayer when Dave Lombardo left.

The vocals sound a lot like an ironic monologue, like they’re ignore and pushing you away. 1987/1988 marked the shift in many bands’ themes from violence and satanism to more serious topics. But NONE of Metallica, Overkill, Sacrifice, Sepultura, Slayer, Sodom, Whiplash, Kreator, Exodus, Destruction, Deathrow, Agent Steel, Dark Angel, Anthrax up to that point were like them.

Sacred Reich didn’t chew gum on their thoughts and feelings, instead they threw flagpoles with nails, oranges with razors in every direction. Anger and sorrow, same coin different side… for religion, democracy and politics. «Administrative Decisons» is dedicated to sterile education. The lyrical slap that no one dared until then came from within like a Trojan horse to wake you from the American Dream.

And it wasn’t just the lyrics… the sweet melancholy in their melodies see «Laid To Rest». The prelude before the title track which slowly enters and plays a solo that gets you in a knot in your throat. If you’re not feeling it go further and listen to modern Metalcore bands that bounce like goats. This is pure street Metal we’re talking about here. This is where the class divide makes the difference.

Technical clock-precision thrash is combined with authentic hardcore and neck-breaking grooves in «No Believers» which is something many extreme bands later adopted from Death Metal. Album hybrid and tight as cement… Headstone to a sleeping industrial cellophane wrapped society… Our Ignorance means Death!!!


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