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Sadhus (The Smoking Community) – Sadhus (The Smoking Community)


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Genre: Sludge
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2014


So the bong lit up (a little bit cliché, don’t you think? Sludge… drugs…) … A slow doom riff, with the likes of ‘Dopesick’ of Eyehategod and ‘Dopesmoker’ of Electric Wizard, put us in the mood. Eyehategod have their honor here. The comparison is inevitable. Next comes the anarcho-punk ‘Colombian Boat Blues’. The following track is titled ‘The Smoking Community’… A nice live jam built on a beautiful bass line will give way to “as fuzz as it gets” sludge riff. As the track progresses, I remembered my black metal roots and I felt nostalgia for the track ‘Quintensence’ by Darkthrone … ‘Stevaro’ begins with a robust blues/stoner riff and drag you into its pace. A highlight of the album along with the next track “To Make me 20 Euros” which is a nice cooperation with Mike from Lucky Funeral and Danis from 1000mods. Rock’n’roll aesthetic balancing between blues rock and crust punk (It brings Aus Rotten in mind). Arousing, simple and beautiful. The album closes with the sludge/stoner and doom in some moments ‘Bampoola’.

Summarizing we have a good record with a good production for the sludge genre. The mastering is done by Brat Boatright (Sleep, High on Fire) and mixing duties was undertaken by George Leodis (1000mods, Lucky Funeral). Lovers of the genre will definitely dig the record. Those who listen to other genres and not only sludge (including the writer of this article) will expect more from Sadhus as the disc lacks of character (I will say again that comparisons with bands like Eyehategod and Bongzilla are inevitable). It is however in their hands to built their own identity. They have the relevant influences… Until then …

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