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Samer Elnahhal – Dystopian Rose


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Genre: Hard rock/Industrial Metal
Country: Finland
Label: –
Year: 2022

It was two summers ago when Samer Elnahhal had released his solo album “Supernova Kill Road” that struck my attention. The debut consisted of a mixture of various punk-ish, hard rock and electro elements. One could say that this combination would be tough to pull out, however it appears to have been deadly in the best way possible. Thus, since a winning team cannot change, Samer released right before Halloween (perfect timing!), his second album “Dystopian Rose”.

Dystopian Rose is one step forward from Supernova Kill Road for sure. Once again, the vocals are distributed among a great team of musicians, such as Simire, Niki Rock, Tommi Mikael, Mica, etc and this makes the album sound like a compilation of a tribute to the outter space. Of course, the themes could not be entirely different from the ones introduced during Supernova Kill Road, even though this time they focus significantly more on horror, curiosities and creatures partying all over the streets, making it sound like the ideal Halloween party mixtape. To be precise, the album kicks off with the powerful “Dystopian Rose” track, that gives off a “running wild on the streets” vibe, and continues with the “Dead Party” and “DNA”, that are all about attitude and looking out for a thrill. This gives out the entire rock ‘n’ roll attitude of the record, and continues as such with a great “mystery”, with tracks like “Twilight Town”, “Smoke Screen Dinner” (a personal favorite so far, right after the single DNA, maybe because of their punkish nature). “Dystopian Rose” finishes off with the groovy and really heavy “Modern Day Nostradame”, where the speed is lowered down and the bass goes up to the sky, putting all the nice Halloween creatures to sleep.

Once again, Samer Elnahhal delivered a great record, where the music matches the attitude and the lyrics. I sincerely hope next time we can see if not something different, a new dimension of all these elements.

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