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Sarcofago: Streaming “Die…Hard” in Its Entirety


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“Die…Hard”, the definitive demo collection from Brazilian trailblazers Sarcofago, is now streaming in its entirety below. The collection is scheduled for a December 11th release via Greyhaze Records.

Track list:

1- Intro da Satanas
2- Satanas
3- Nightmare
4- Third Slaughter
5- Intro da Satanas
6- Satanas
7- Nightmare
8- Third Slaughter
9- Intro
10- Satanas
11- Nightmare
12- Third Slaughter
13- The Black Vomit
14- INRI
15- Christ’s Death
16- Desecration of Virgin
17- Satanic Lust
18- Alcoholic Coma
19- Secrets of a Window
20- Satanic Lust (Instrumental)

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