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Sargeist – Feeding The Crawling Shadows


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Genre: Black Metal
Country: Finland
Label: World Terror Committee
Year: 2014

For sure this release was a big surpise not only for me but for most of Sargeist fans. The whole feeling of the album grab you by the neck, and the majestic atmosphere that created by the melodic riffs and the raw production may not appeal the “new” Sargeist fans, but is a great “back to the roots” album. The opening track “Feeding The Crawling Shadows” is a dynamite with the vocals came from the depths of the abyss, and a classic black metal structure with raw yet melodic riffs. From the second track, “In Charnel Darkness” until the last track “Funerary Descent”, there’s this thing that I mentioned. Raw and “without ornaments” black metal.

If you liked “Let The Devil In” maybe this one will disappoint you. But if you are first’s period fan, and you like “Satanic Black Devotion” I’m sure that you’ll love it. Even the production does not appear deliberate simple, but the feeling that left me is that band before they recorded material for the album got into the disposal of old-school, the modes of composition and recordings of past decades.

Sargeist tried to carry the spirit of the the spirit of the primordial, and damned black metal, through this release and surely this is nowadays dangerous for popularity and success of a band … But what the hell? the true black metal, has anything to do with those two things?



Bill Z.
Bill Z.
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