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Satan – Atom by Atom


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Genre : NWOBHM / Heavy Metal
Country : United Kingdom
Label : Listenable Records
Year : 2015

The legends are here! Two years after the infernal comeback with “Life Sentence”, which I personally rank it as one among the best comebacks of the entire heavy metal history! Satan strike again with a new album… and what an album!

I was curious about this year’s outcome, because I considered the previous album unsurpassable. “Atom by Atom” is a worthy continuer of “Life Sentence”, and it comes to smite us. I wouldn’t say it’s better than its predecessor, but it’s a very good album after all.

So “Atom by Atom” and right from the start I thought… made in 1983 or 2015? The sound is raw, with a pure smell of the 80’s all around; an unpolished diamond of heavy metal, classic Satan as we know and cherish them. Russ Tippins is on guitar pandemonium, crunchy guitars, fierce rough riffs, fast passages, melodies that stick in, solos that make you think that Malmsteen is  just a student in front of him, with ncredible technical training (so, why isn’t he known among the guitar heroes?!), insane scrollings, fillings, high and low drumming, clean bass lines that make your head creak and the Emperor’s in throne! And what is there to say about Brian Ross, the voice that never ages, the voice that never fades, my god…you listen to him and you wonder if he’s in 2015 or still in 1983, especially, since the album opens with a killer screaming, I think this is where you begin to understand the greatness and the majesty of his voice.

With everything tying together so perfectly, it’s difficult to point out specific songs as highlights. Perhaps the songs that stand out are “Farewell Evolution”, “The Devil’s Infantry”, “Fallen Saviour” and “Atom by Atom”, because they sound like classic Satan from the past.

The release also includes a superb deluxe box set, which is deemed necessary for Sataniacs (lucky me!). We hope to see them live in Greece sometime to fulfill ourselves!

A MUST HAVE album for this year! Thank God he created Satan!


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