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SataniKa – Total Inferno


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Genre: Thrash / Black / Death
Country: Italy
Label: Osmose Productions
Year: 2015

Italian Black / Thrashers Satanika are back with their forth record “Total Inferno”, released by Osmose Productions. The band is still moving toward the unholy path they’ve long paved with speed, dark titles and lyrics and a wonderful cover artwork.

“Total Inferno” is blasting loud. It’s fast, it’s blasphemous, it’s what it should be. It will definitely put you in a destructive mood, or at least make your feet move to the rhythm, pretending you’re the drummer of the band. The atmosphere created is eerie, as a result of a good mix of both thrash and black elements and the choices in the compositions. The way the instruments complement each other and bond harmoniously with Pervertor’s vocals, deliver a product that stands out. Now, put all these ingredients in a cauldron and mix them with catchiness.  That’s Satanika and “Total Inferno”.

Musically speaking, Satanika have their own distinctive sound, even though what you’ll listen to will remind you of Morbid Angel and Behemoth. “Total Inferno” is a mixture of Thrash, Black AND Death Metal, so no copycats here, since this format seems special. Their thrash character is extreme, with super fast riffs and a constant beating on the drums, resulting into something powerful. On the other hand though, their sound is filled by black metal references, especially in their riffings (“Ripping Evil”). In addition, by listening to tracks like “Yog Sothoth”, you’ll see that Death Metal is their game too. Both the guitars and the drums are playfully groovy at tracks like the “Necromancer”, so obviously the band has nothing to be afraid of and dos whatever it wants. You will notice many samples filling the sound, thus creating the eerie atmosphere I was previously talking about (“Our Lady of Darkness”). I really liked the introductory numinous and preternatural “track” “The Worst Is Yet To Come” and the sudden transition to “Sighs From the Depths”, which I really enjoyed. Same thing happens to “Schizoid”, with its rapid structure and black metal riffs. This otherworldly feeling is sealed by Pervertor’s vocals, who manipulates brilliantly his voice. Low and high pitches screams and growls are used, keeping his game interesting throughout the whole record.

“Total Inferno” left me content and satisfied. It’s far from boring, having its moments, especially when the music truly travels you to other places or makes you forget about reality and just watching the ceiling. Though, I got let down by the production of the record, especially the drums and the bass guitar (which is far from audible). Despite the fact that the band has enormous talent, something obvious from their previous records, their effort is kinda buried instead of flourishing. What strikes me is the low sound quality of the drums. Probably there wasn’t any physical recording, which is not reprehensible, as long as the result is good. What we listen to sounds strange, especially in tracks like “Sighs From the Depths” where the double kicks and cymbals are constantly beaten.

Highlights: The Black Death, Schizoid , Yog Sothoth, Sleaze!!!

4 / 6

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