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Satan’s Fall – Final Day


Genre: Power/Heavy
Country: Finland
Label: High Roller Records
Year: 2020

I guess that I’m not the first one to think that Satan’s Fall (established in 2015 in Finland and already recorded a demo and an EP before Final Day) is another case of Mercyful Fate inspired band or even a clone of it as their name makes me say that. Still it turned that I’m wrong. The band plays a wonderful mix of power metal and classical heavy metal with a hint of NWOBHM.  You could also say NWOTHM and be precise. When you read power don’t fall into the trap that we are dealing with a stupid 90’s euro version of the genre. They follow the 80’s path that is heavily influenced by Judas Priest and Accept.

Their music is full of clever riffs, fast solos and pounding rhythm section. The vocal lines are melodic yet have the full force to make you bang your head. If we compare it to their high claimed demo we hear less speedy compositions but more powerful songs. I would say that their production is solid and organic and they set the expectations bar rather high. Definitely check them all you friends of Teutonic power, especially the Grave Digger fanatics and revivalists of traditional sound such as Attic, Portrait Skull Fist, Alpha Tiger and Enforcer.

Highlights: ‘Forever Blind’, ‘Madness (Finds a Way)’, ‘They Come Alive’, ‘Final Day’ and ‘There Will Be Blood’.


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