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Scanner | Sorrows Path | War Device, Sunday 08.02.2015 Live@Kyttaro Live Club Athens


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Due to a personal problem I arrived really late at Kyttaro live club and as a result I lost War Device’s show. I feel sorry for that because, as I heard from people’s impressions, their concert was really cool. When I got into the club, Sorrows Path had already started playing. Their lyrical doom assault was a temptation bringing in mind bands like Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and Memento Mori. Having a new album released, “Doom Philosophy” a few months before, they presented new stuff, which sounded pretty great. Check them!


The hour was about 22:35 when German veterans Scanner arrived on stage to spread their killing music. The crowd, almost 150 metalheads, waited like mad as time passed. A few seconds intro and then…war! Old time classics combined with some new songs from their beautiful last album “Judgement” and the party was out of control. Their Greek singer, Efthimios Ioannidis, is a true performer. It’s not only his great vocal skills but also his comments between the songs and his moves which were into the point. Almost every classic hymn of the band was played (there is always someone who wants to hear one or two more songs that differ from the set list). As the show was coming to an end the crowd was becoming more and more insane with sings of total rampage at “Warp 7” and “Across the Universe”. The show ended, the band thanked the audience and we, the audience, were thankful for this great live show from a really great band.


photos by Dorina Tzogiou

The setlist:

Intro 1. Not Alone 2. Terrion 3. The Judgement 4. R.M.U. 5. Wonder 6. F.T.B. 7. Rubberman 8. After The Storm 9. Puppet on a String 10. Ball of the Damned 11. Battle of Poseidon 12. Buy or Die 13. The Legionary 14. Warp 7 15. Across the Universe

Kostas Analytis
Kostas Analytis
Being a heavy metal fan for almost 20 years, owner of "Chaos & Hell Prod." distro and also vocalist and bassist to ABYSSUS, I became part of this family to share my passion for hard music with you! Οπαδός του heavy metal εδώ και περίπου 20 χρόνια, ιδιοκτήτης του distro "Chaos & Hell Prod." και επίσης τραγουδιστής/μπασίστας στους ABYSSUS, έγινα μέλος αυτής της οικογένειας να μοιραστώ το πάθος μου γι αυτή τη μουσική μαζί σας.

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