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Scarlet – Scarlet/Phantasm


Genre: Hard Rock/Glam Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Lost Realm Records

Back in 1982, a gang of four from the streets of Colombus, Ohio, decided to form a band that would kick ass, have sex and play loads of great rock ‘n’ roll music, in a glam attitude, since it’s common knowledge that you have to rock in the mirror before you wanna rock on stage. That’s pretty much how Scarlet were ambitious enough to conquer the stages, however their name got lost in space and time. But Lost Realm Records, got our back on this one.

I am holding a very special, limited collection set, including Scarlet’s self titled debut, as well as “Phantasm”, their sophomore studio effort in a CD format, as well as two promotional card photos. They do really taste like metal. The gang, with their graveyard aura, their eyeliner,shocking rock tunes and glam rock attitude, spreading glitter, metal and paranoia are back at least as a reminder of what they can be. Both albums sound great and maintain a special vibe; arena rock in the streets, somewhere, sometime. Scarlet might have stepped aside the spotlight for many years now, but Lost Realm Records never really forget to let us know that there were bands that could seriously kick our asses if they ever came back.

Do yourself a favor and check out Scarlet. Some gems are yet to be discovered.


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