17.1 C

Scarlet – Scarlet


Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Lost Realm Records
Year: 2019

This is a reissue of the classic same titled SCARLET debut. The band from Columbus, Ohio delivered an amazing mix of Melodic Metal and Hard Rock. Indeed, there were many bands on the US delivering that very special type of sound back on the day, but what is that very special feature of SCARLET that made this record a special pick? Well I would say their song writing, as they were successfully combining the classic Heavy Metal vibe -delivered the early 80s US way-, with some seriously catchy Hard Rock touches, but with some European -N.W.O.B.H.M. in particular- references as well (on the “She’s a Shud” and track for example). Songs likes “She Tastes Like Metal”, “Can You Stay”, “Leave Em Burning” are the real deal if you want to play loud some catchy Steel. “Grave Desires” is also another little anthem that can be pointed as one of the top moments in this album. Yes indeed, there is a party atmosphere all around the record, straight riffing and catchy vocal melodies that represents the “we came here to rock you” vibe of the band. This is the SCARLET debut. Lost Realm Records re-releases this debut and gives everyone the chance to have it on CD for the very first time. The audio is remastered and there is a nice booklet full of photos, lyrics and info. So yeah, go for it!

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