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Scheitan – Songs For The Gothic People – New Album (CD, Vinyl) – Pre order starts now!


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24 years of silence were more than enough. It was way back in 1999 when Scheitan’s third & final album “Nemesis” appeared.  And not only they were absent from the music scene, but they made sure on their return with their upcoming album “Songs For The Gothic People” to adopt a completely new musical style, nuggets of which they sporadically made their appearance in the past. After all, what’s more beautiful for an artist than to progress and experiment on new paths?

As for us, we liked Scheitan from the black metal days and we also like their new gothic rock stuff. We are very excited and happy to release this outstanding album, which is full of unique songs. You can enjoy one of them (“Believe“)  today. We are even happier that Scheitan‘s first live show after many years will take place in Athens (June 2024). 

Welcome back Scheitan!

It feels both great and at the same time unreal to release a new Scheitan album. I´ve written music on and off for many years, but I did not really have either the idea or the belief of writing a full album ever again. Nowadays it’s much of a track-to-track basis for many songwriters and artists. Writing and recording a complete album is a big task to undergo, it´s time-consuming and it requires a lot of work and the attention of your soul. The birth of this album was a step-by-step process.

I first wrote “Lost in Time” and did not know what to do with it, eventually it became a comeback track for Scheitan and I wrote another track. At the same time I got in touch with Maria at The Circle Music who was so supportive from day 1 so it just became a no-brainer to decide to write an album.

And I am so glad I did it, for myself, for the people that have enjoyed the music so far and also for my old friend Oscar who sadly is not among us any more but who introduced me to goth stuff like The Sisters of Mercy and Fields of The Nephilim many years ago. I think there was a lot of darkness that needed to get out of my system, writing and recording music is sort of self-therapy in a way. Now I am looking forward to meeting the audience and performing live in Athens on the 15th of June, the first Scheitan show in 24 years.

And it will not stop there, rest assured that more live shows and more music is on the way!

1. The Last Time
2. Hearse
3. Night
4. Forevermore
5. Lost In Time
6. Believe
7. Live At Dawn
8. Erased

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