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Secrets Of The Moon – Sun


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Genre: Atmospheric Metal
Country: Germany
Label: Lupus Lounge
Year: 2015

Germany’s Secrets Of The Moon belonged, until recently, among these bands that I was only “peripherally” acquainted with; namely a category of groups whose name I am familiar with due to their being quite popular, but of which I have not listened to a single song, and I am only indirectly vaguely aware of what exact style their music leans towards. Thus, until recently, just before listening to their sixth album, I thought that these Germans played a somewhat mellow and generic atmospheric black metal. A notion that quickly disintegrated upon first listen of “Sun”, which revealed to me a band that lies beyond the black metal borders (apart from a few moments), belonging mostly to the 90s atmospheric metal genre, while it is self-characterized as occult metal/rock.

The first track, “No More Colours”, is the closest thing to pure black metal that one can listen to in “Sun”, fully implementing the genre’s impetuosity, in compination with a trance-like sonic haze, blooming in sylvan atmosphere. From there on, things go somewhat back in time, with music foundations solidly wedged in the above mentioned atmospheric metal. Middle-era Amorphis are omnipresent, as well as Sentenced, and in a lesser degree In The Woods… of the last two albums. That can be translated to melodic in their essence vocal lines, which when present dominate the song structure, while, when absent, the band’s two flexible guitar duo draw upon the inexhaustible well of Celtic Frost. The album’s compositions are well worked out with pleasant variety and, without reaching the level of 90s’ masterpieces, they are representatives of a contemporary sparsely inhabited genre, and because of this, they stand out.

These chameleon-like Germans’ sixth album is highly enjoyable for anyone positive to the idea of hiking the 90s melodic sound dens. “Sun” is obviously not highly original, but it fulfills the need of a certain portion of the metal audience, moreover hiding in its core interesting occult lyrics and attitude. In the end, this album hands down wins due to the combination of variety and easy-to-listen-to character.

Highlights: “No More Colours”, “Here Lies The Sun”, “Mark Of Cain”.



Athotep Nyarl
Athotep Nyarl
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