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Selcouth – Heart Is The Star Of Chaos


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Genre: Avantgarde Metal / Prog-Jazz Metal
Country: International
Label: I, Voidhanger Records
Year: 2017

For the most part, I have a very special relationship and friction with the Avantgarde genre. I have very specific preferences, which match with very specific criteria. I listen to handpicked bands steadily and with difficulty I decide to give a chance to something new. On the other hand, when Selcouth’s debut album fell into my hands, to my surprise, I found out we’re dealing with a multinational and multi –faceted collaboration from people from all over the world such as Finland, France, Spain, Russia and Argentina , who are members of bands such as Smohalla, Stagnant Waters, Pryapisme, Fixions, As Light Dies, Aegri Somnia, Monje de Fuego etc. At the same time, the project features the entire line up of the outstanding act Khanus, my love and affection for which has been repeatedly expressed. Selcouth’s main axis is Avantgarde and Prog-Jazz Metal, which sounds a bit inaccessible by, if not tricky to, the average listener. Still, I felt more dangerous than usually, so I hit the play button without fear and passion; the album wins me over from the very beginning; subversive, incompatible compositions, with a particularly chaotic quality that conquers you, not to mention the excellent manipulation of (male and female) vocals, characterized by a wonderful dramatic and theatrical essence. Just surrender and listen to “Heart Is The Star Of Chaos” at night alone. You will feel that a perplexed god speaks to you directly for every aspect of the universe in a language that only you understand. The album’s lyrical themes are based on the poems of Jukka Ylisuvanto. Generally, “Heart Is The Star Of Chaos” is quite obscure and with a special uniqueness that makes it stand out while it contains the right amount of paranoia just to mess with your mind. It is as dark and as bright as it should (I hope you understand what I mean). At first contact it may sound chaotic- I read somewhere that it’s a very confusing album with tangled meanings, thus inaccessible and with no connective joints or sequence and so on and laughed in despair. Surrender and submit to Selcouth and to its magic; that’s enough to understand the beauty and the messages this album conveys. It is highly recommended to fans of Virus, Ved Buens Ende, Arcturus and passionate listeners of the prog rock of the 1970s (eg Magma). The cover is a creation by Katrine Lyck, while the album itself was released on June 23th, 2017 via I, Voidhanger Records, with the distribution handled by Plastic Head / Code 7 (in the United Kingdom and Europe), Season Of Mist (in USA and France ) and Zero Dimensional (in Asia).

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