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SepticFlesh I Death Courier I Mother of Millions 22.11.14 Patra


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It is the first time I’m going to a concert in the new concert-live place in Patra and I can say that this place is quite nice and hospitable. Αround 9 o’clock, the audience had already gathered and shortly after, the live began with the Athenians Mother of Millions.

Well,the evening opened with Mother of Millions from Athens. The guys as far as I can tell gave the best of them on stage, with incredible energy and very good compositions in their sets. Their type (prog/alternative metal) is quite complicated with several experiments and outbursts when you least expect. From this one you can understand that the band needs a good sound to perform on stage, whom they had! Their highlight for me was the singer with his tremendous changes in vocals, melodies and awesome communication with the public. It was a very good start to warm up slowly the crowd before Death Courier taking their place onstage.

When Death Courier climbed on stage everyone went from back to the front rows, since we all know how important Death Courier are … the first Greek death metal band ever! It didn’t take them long to rouse the audience, since by their second track the crowd was on fire. Their set had everything.. Old and newer songs, the “grandfather” Vasilis playing the bass like a spider and in parts of the songs hedropped and raised the tone of his voice. On the other hand the guitarist was headbanging all the time without looking at the fretboard, which personally pleases me a lot, because that’s how you (should) play death metal. BOOYAH! Terrific bonding between them, as well as with the new drummer, who caught fire playing the demanding blast of Death Courier. The sound at first was dull but after 3 4 pieces cleaned and everything was just fucking awesome! By the end of the appearance of Patras Death Courier, people were excited to see SepticFlesh.

Shortly before 12 o’clock SepticFlesh got on stage and from the first song, they delivered tremendous energy to the audience to party all together. Spiros communicated perfectly with the crowd, which replied and was singing all the time. SepticFlesh presented tracks from their new album “Titan” along with other classic tracks from their latest albums. At various points Sotiris climbed on stage to participate in the vocals! The live of Septic Flesh here in Patra are of particular importance as Sotiris is from this city and usually we are honored to see him on stage with them. So it goes.. In the end he played with the others guitar and of course the vocals. Just PURE MAGIC.. With Fotis on drums, a GIANT of course, needless to say anything else. Their sound was very good and hence Septic Flesh have demanding music, it all sounded very well, out in the public.

Somehow at this point, the night came to an end, with the crowd being very happy as they took their dose and more…

A great bravo to Break Event that ran for the live show and generally trying to make such events in Patra. The city is thirsty for concerts and you can realize it from the audience who attend such events,with yesterday’s live reaching about 300 people!! We are just waiting for more sets like these, to rise up again……

Vaios Sven
Vaios Sven
Death Metal to the Fucking Bone

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