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Septuagint announced the release of their debut via Underground Kvlt Records


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Sub label of Odium Records – Underground Kvlt Records proudly announces signing a new band – SEPTUAGINT from Greece and releasing their debut album “Acosmic Conflagration”. The band expands their own vision of black metal both musically and spiritually. The album was mixed and mastered by Devo “Magnus” Anderson at Endarker Studio.

Album will be released as a jewel case CD in the next months.

1. Spirituus Luna Nox
2. The Cauterizing Sulphur
3. Restoration of Apophis
4. Cainite Bloodtrails
5. Into the Furnace of Moloch

Septuagint was conceived in the winter of 2006 and actualised in 2011. Released “Negative Void Trinity” EP and a split release with Akrotheism (Sphinx: the great enigma of times) via Forever Plagued Records in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

In 2019 Death Hammer Records released “Vortex” split with the Serbian force of Ophidian Coil. Various lineup changes while maintaining the basic core of C. and V. led to the manifestation of the debut album, which with the addition of N.D. and S.I. materialised the final creation of “Acosmic Conflagration” to be released by the sub label of Odium Rec – Underground Kvlt Records.


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