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Sepulcrum – Corpse Dividing Holes EP


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Genre: Death Metal
Country: Chile
Label: Canometal Records
Year: 2020

I think we all now know that the blood of the Chileans boils for Metal and this is proven in live shows as supporters and the bands that are constantly born in their scene. This was first released on cassette and digitally and now it’s time for the CD. Contains 4 tracks of their own “Abruption”, “Stiff Stagnation», «Corpse Dividing Holes”, “Into Slumber Exclamation”. Of course, the sound is primitive and there is no room for innovation here, as started by Kreator in Endless Pain and Morbid Angel in Abominations of Desolation. The vocals have the demonic depth and the riffs are reminiscent of Slayer dark paths in Hell Awaits. Last track is exactly what they define as a key influence: Morbid Angel – Lord of all fevers and plagues. The sound is dirty, pure and natural as if you were listening live. Back to the garage with boosters and sweat.


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