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Sepultura – Quadra


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Genre: Thrash/Groove
Country: Brazil
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2020

Either you say yes or no, if you answer to the question “Are Sepultura back?” is like admitting that they weren’t here…So, the deal is if you care about the new album, not if the Seps are back ‘cause they were always here, even after the 1996’s shock and break-up, first trying to survive, then trying to explore new directions and now facing another crossroad in their long career. The opening trio of “Isolation”, “Means To An End” and “Last Time” are like an iron fist of primal thrash with pummeling drums and raging guitars. Andreas Kisser offers tons of brilliant riffs here. Reminding me the golden Beneath the Remains/Arise era of the band. Then the album is a bit different. Actually is like having two different albums: A Thrash first part being ferocious and aggressive and a second Progressive part being more (obviously) experimental. There’s a conscious return to the Roots years with the tribal percussion that dominates the excellent songs “Capital Enslavement” and “Raging Void” that their groovy nature helps Eloy Casagrande to shine and makes us thing a little bit less Igor Cavalera. Then the album sounds rather cinematic as “Guardians of the Earth” is a mixture of symphonic Dimmu Borgir-like with Thrash parts song, before we step into the instrumental The Pentagram. The music direction changes again and again (too experimental for my taste to be honest) until the end of the album featuring:  “Autem” (that fits better on the first part of the album), “Agony of Defeat” and finally to the minimalistic closer “Fear, Pain, Chaos, Suffering” . Paulo Jr. is always solid and you can rely on him, while Kisser is on fire, Derrick Green at his best performance ever with the band and still Casagrande is the ace on their sleeve as he is simply astonishing. A really nice album that has its moments, but it is definitely not the new Arise or Chaos A.D. part 2 or something like that…


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