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Serpent Warning – Serpent Warning


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Genre: Doom Metal
Country: Finland
Label: I Hate Records
Year: 2014

Two years after releasing the “Beyond the Wisdom” EP the Finnish band SERPENT WARNING releases its’ first full length album which is self titled. It comprises re-recorded versions of the three songs that were on their e.p. and three brand new compositions.

The band has developed its’ own personal music style and doesn’t sound like an imitator of some other well known band, something not very common in the doom genre, especially when it comes to debut albums. But in order to give you a reference point, I would describe them as a doomy version of DOOMSWORD’s “Let the Battle Commence” period. For two reasons: a) Samuli Pesonen’s deep voice and the almost epic melodies he chooses to color the songs with and b) the dry production and the gloominess of their sound.

Unfortunately this kind of sound doesn’t flatter them a lot, since the genre they chose to play requires a warmer and much more massive sound. Let alone that the bands’ performance isn’t that tight (something completely natural for a first album) and the production doesn’t exactly help to hide any kind of mistakes. But little harm done since the important thing is the music.

So let’s get on to the music. The opening track “Evil River” is an amazing doom song, straight from the good old days of this genre back in the 80’s. It’s the best moment of an album that sadly enough, just doesn’t keep up. On the contrary, there is a decrease in the quality of the compositions. And in this genre the standard by which a composition is valuated is one and simple: The riffs. The more you listen, the weaker the riffs get. I mean there are good ideas every once in a while, but not enough to make this a “must listen to” album.

As this review is being written the band has already replaced lead singer Samuli Pesonen with the female vocalist Suvi Laaninen. I truly wish them to put out a kick ass second album and force me to rate it much higher than a…


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