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Serpents Rise – Flowers of the Eastern Slore


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Genre:Technical Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Year: 2022

Serpents Rise move in a sacriligeous way since 2007 away from the limelight and have just released their fifth album. The multi-talented American «Tiramola» Derek Roddy unfolds every aspect of his musical genius within 32 minutes of supreme technical Death Metal. Another well crafted musical work here. Fresh and plural bonds Slayers mysticism, Dark Angels brutality and King of all Kings extreme skills. With mind shredding frequencies these instrumental creations breed new path of neurones in our brains away from the usual standards and set the atmosphere for the totality of acoustic sensation. In many parts you will find complex ideas, others slower to balance everything but all bathed in a stardust of Mesopotamian air. The compositions are not only based on percussion excellence but also on banging riffs that take the listener to trip in the brutal sound. The production is exemplary, the bass digs trenches, the guitars sweep, labyrinth style solo shafts and the snare like a poleaxe hits your bandaged flesh. Some will find odd that here are no vocals, well for me personally it helps me to fantasize more vividly through this music voyage. Derek never ceases to headline the extreme…As Derek stated: ““Flowers” was recorded at once, one take with all of us in the same room at same time. Its a Live recording.”

Line up:
Glenn Connors – Guitars
Jose Hernandez – Guitars
Phil Willis – Bass Scott Safarik – Folk percussion
Derek Roddy – Drums, Percussion, Voices, Guitars, Effects

https://hyperfollow.com/derekroddy https://www.serpentsrise.com/music.html https://www.serpentsrise.com/merchandise.html

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