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Shadowmass – Shadowmass


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Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Greece
Label: Soman Records
Year: 2019

Shadowmass is the natural continuity of Fadom, a band that had released a nice album back in 2014 entitled “Pantophobia”. The band decided that since their sound have changed, that should be combined with a name change too, in order to state the change of cruise clearly. From Fadom’s lineup still remained Stam on the guitars and vocals and the bass player Constantine. Maelstrom fills the unholy triad on the drums. While Fadom played Thrash with modern influences, Shadowmass have a darker aura in their compositions. Thrash remains the main influence, but also now Death and Black elements are intruded. The album is well-crafted and the final result is not overcomplicated or disoriented or confused. There is an excellent flow on the album as all (nine) compositions are top notch. Stam’s vocals sound tougher and rougher than in the past, but I think what makes the difference here, is his very interesting guitar ideas. I don’t have to say much about Maelstrom’s playing on drums as he has racked up drums on many Greek bands and most of you know his ability and skills. I have to mark the upgraded role of the bass in the absence of one guitar. Something tells me that the choice to stay a triad is even more symbolic. I was one of those who liked the sound of Fadom but “Shadowmass” leaves no room for me to complain about the band’s decision to start again from point zero. Hilights moments such as “Skeletal Remains” and “Felicity” have the special weight to convince you too.


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