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Sheidim – Infamata ‘Ep


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Genre: Death Metal / Black Metal / Doom
Country: Spain
Label: I, Voidhanger Records
Year: September, 2017

I’m a fan of projects shared by musicians of different bands, especially when the final outcome is good (we’ve witnessed many failures of people of the scene joining their forces, let’s be honest). This time I bring you Sheidim, an allegiance between members of Cruciamentum, Graveyard and Suspiral among others.

With their raw and primitive urges and intentions, Sheidim offer us an obscure, unique, definitely uncompromising album lasting almost half an hour, creating a certain feeling of something ominous tries to hunt you down or at least drive you crazy with the structures’ surprising twists. The album is characterized by many alternations and breaks in rhythms, balancing between transmundane accelerations and mystical slowdowns, despite the fact that in general “Infamata’ could be categorized as speed-oriented Black Metal record. Catchy yet intellectually profound guitars, with great tremolo riffs, backed up by a dark  and aggressive vintage feeling. I truly enjoyed those transcending moments, when Sheidim cut back on the speedy tempos and throw in the mix those Shamanic and folkloric details, which in league with the majestic, pitch black atmosphere the band has created made me feel I was floating in space helpless while carrying a huge burden on my chest.

Surely ‘Infamata ‘ is a worthy successor to the band’s previously released full – length debut on Dark Descent Records “Shrines To The Void”. It sets in motion great things to come, as everything is stepped up, especially the songwriting as a whole. I’m looking forward to their next release; this foretaste created great expectation. Totally crushing.

Recorded and mixed by J. Félez at Moontower Studios  and mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio. Fun fact: Guest vocals on ‘Sister of Sleep’ by NSK of Teitanblood.

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