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Shylmagoghnar – Emergence: more than a “tongue twister”…a Masterpiece!


Last Updated on 11:21 AM by Giorgos Tsekas

Shylmagoghnar… A name that’s a “tongue twister”, isn’t it? Well, that’s what my friend and comrade-in-arms Andreas Stasinopoulos said, when I asked him to listen to this Dutch duet with great assiduity. “Unlike their music”, I answered. It makes you talk about things that are uneasy to be spoken.

“A masterpiece”, Andreas concluded after listening to the record.

This story starts a long time ago, from an older post at the webzine made by Giorgos Nimas that referred to Shylmagoghnar , who tried to make us notice this band, though I failed to do so and now I’m trying to figure out how to make up for the time lost. The cover of Shylmagoghnar’s album caught my eye many times while searching on youtube or thumbing through the reviews of Metal Invader, leaving me with great impressions each time, however i always dismissed it without hearing it perhaps because the spelling of the name referred to very extreme musical structures, especially on vocals levels, which for me they are a very important evaluation criterion. When I finally decided to listen to ‘Emergence’, I admit that I couldn’t believe my ears. I kept listening to that outstanding 9 minute instrumental “I am the Abyss” over and over again, which I didn’t want to end in case it was the band’s most glorious moment. Pleasantly i was proven wrong when I listened to their entire effort with greater attention.

Nine music compositions of unsurpassable inspiration, 4 of which are instrumental, having the power to lead your dreams in utopian worlds and make you feel that they (they dreams) could become true. Beautiful harmonies that cleanse everything that’s messy and tame your wildest instincts.

My appreciation for those two guys, Nimblkorg and Skirge, who wrote this wonderful music, was enhanced by the content of the lyrics that deals with existential issues, with humanity, nature and emotions caused by such searches.
Without waffling, when it comes to music, the overuse of words should be avoided when describing such musical creations. I’ll seal off this review using the same word Andreas used to describe ‘Emergence’: Masterpiece!

– ”Better late than never” goes the saying, so even though it’s kind of late, I’ll try to restore everything by saying that ‘Emergence’ is now one of my 2014 favorite albums.

– Try not to classify Shylmagoghnar music in some specific genre, just listen to the music!

– I bought the album by contacting the band itself via e-mail – Shylmaghoghnar handle the distribution.

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