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Sirius – Wings Of Fire


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Genre: Heavy/ Power Metal
Country: Greece
Label: –
Year: 2017

Sirius is a heavy/power metal band, hailing (and killing) from Athens. This year marks the 11th year of the band, which is also the year they managed to enter the studio, record and finally release their debut EP, entitled “Wings Of Fire”. After listening to all four songs of the EP, it’s not that difficult to come to the conclusion that this is a case of a modern, ’00s approach of the classic heavy/power metal genre. In other words, Primal Fear, Visigoth and Dream Evil have marked their spot to Sirius’ sound. The “Wings Of Fire” track is the catchiest one probably, I can already imagine it blowing the speakers of a well-known, favorite heavy metal bar in Central Greece, while in “Shadow In My Heart”, Grand Magus are making a cameo appearance. Epic elements are widespread all over the EP and Dimitris Napas’ brilliant vocals fit perfectly to the band’s sound. The production is remarkably clear, with some obscure oldschool vibe in order to maintain the quality that makes this specific genre a favorite amongst 80’s heavy and epic metal fans. For all Manowar, Wrathblade and Manilla Road fans. Dare to enjoy.

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