Skeletonwitch, Raketkanon, Astrarot, Amken || Friday 08.05.2015 ||Mavri Tripa || Thessaloniki


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A concert that had it all. Nerve, paranoia, album presentation, frantic dances, and aaaaall these in a beautiful package. A lineup quite subversive for the concert state of our city, in which we’ve grown accustomed to concerts by famous billing bands only, with an outrageously high price ticket (boo # 1). The crowd was adequate as expected; perfect for such a concert, without many wankers, knobheads or twits that choose not to physically support (boo # 2).

The concert kicks off with a slight delay, with the aspiring thrash quartet from Athens, Amken. Young, but nevertheless full of passion, they presented us some tracks from the EP “Adrenaline Shot”, released last November, and a sample of the material soon to be released, as they said. Classic fast thrash tunes, with beautiful melodies scattered inside the pieces, and of course all this with a generous dose of classic thrash style, cut jeans, vests, white high-tops and so on. They guys warmed up the audience efficiently and managed to win the applause.

Now, it’s high time for Salonika’s Astrarot to siege the stage and – by extension –it’s the spark which led to the venue’s siege. They moved on hardcore thrash paths, with excellent compositions and powerful executions. Despite the encounter of some minor issues with their sound, the band pushed its throttle to 100%, managing to worthily obtain the applause of all those present and although the stage of the venue was relatively small, they managed to fill it with their presence. This live was indeed quite important for the band, as it was the first one after the changes in their lineup and, as they had announced themselves, it would be a good chance to present us their brand new album, entitled “Straight From Nowhere” released a few days ago by Straight From The Heart Records. Everything went as expected. Strength, nerve, passion and a clarified set did the trick, without mingling with the usual trivial thrash sound we are used to. That was something different, man. A side – winder in any fashion.

Moving forward, we stumble upon the great surprise of the evening. We knew beforehand that Raketkanon is “elsewhere”. In their own bubble. Away from here. Far from the world, even. What I experienced, along with a bunch of astonished guys that were looking for their jaws on the floor, cannot be explained or put into words, not even an iota can be conveyed the way it deserves to. So, we are talking about a band that shatters the classic definition of “live gig” and converts it into a paranoid, full of mixed feelings, loss of thinking and quite possibly an extracorporeal ceremony. Extreme compositions, toying and tangling of sounds resulted into a perfect and enviable performance. We are talking about scenes where the guitarist climbed upstairs, the singer rolled on floor among the audience screaming or drunk beer at the bar, a chaotic drummer that urged people to do crazy things. Whoever has the chance of seeing them live, seize the opportunity and just do it. It was the most insane (in a good sense, obviously, you moron!)gig I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

Switching from an extreme band to another. Long hair, tattoos, bulletbelts and an underlying breath of KVLT. The venue was obliterated. I don’t think any of the stuff of the venue has lived something more extreme than this. Black-thrash-death madness, packed with testosterone, screams from hell, with energy overflowing from everywhere, frequent chats with the public and as far as the performance and execution are concerned, the gig felt as if you’re at home listening to their albums. You would say “that’s was expected, they’re professionals.” Yes, indeed, but there are also dumbbells who believe that with 3 rehearsals in a studio they own the world and pretend to be leaders of a nonexistent gang (boo # 3). Overall, Skeletonwitch’s presence left us with great impressions. They walked all over us relentlessly.

Whoever experienced this gig, can fully understand what I’ve written. Those who didn’t, you had your chance. Congrats to the guys from Straight From The Heart Records and Made of Stone Productions for this concert. At last, we attended a gig that’s different and of more quality from the rest (boooo, the editor is a brown-nose!) We wish for a greater support to these actions, just to make a step forward. Until we meet again! Cheers!

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