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Skull & dawn – Zombie Horses


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Genre: Country, Americana, Folk, Doom
Country: Greece
Label: 3 Shades of Black
Year: 2016

Skull & Dawn, after a change in their name and ideas, created the americana dark folk / country album “Zombie Horses”, filled our glasses with Bourbon, told us stories of murder and betrayal and brought us close to the American South’s  – full of curves – women. Soon Considering the band’s lengthy, yet maturing, absence from the field and their cooperation with 3 Shades Of Black, on thing is certain: this album deserves to be listened to.

I’m unable to imagine “Zombie Horses” as just a plain album; for me it’s a soundtrack and indeed a well – crafted one. I seem to be inefficient in trying to kick out of my mind stills from the Tarantino movies while I’m writing this review. It’s just impossible. It’s hard not to consider this record an OST.

The record is consisted of 10 tracks, plus a bonus track. The recordings and the production were handled at Sierra Studios and the sonic outcome fits perfectly the band’s style. The overall effort is notable. The truth is that the course of this album was enduring; 6 years in the making are not a short period of time! Thankfully it vindicated the band and us who kept waiting.

All the tracks are amazing and I cannot decide whether one of them really stands out. Maybe the kickstarter “Zombie Horses” or “Desert” and “No Longer Mine”. The constant / permanent problem I have with the bands, those coming especially from Greece, is based on the vocals; more accurately, the accent. It really is an aspect that needs a lot of work. Nonetheless, you should give ‘em a listen!


Lilliana Tseka
Lilliana Tseka
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