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Smoke The Fuzz Fest 2016 Howler Edition (updated – venue change)


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HOWLER edition

Press release

Smoke The Fuzz gigs proudly presents the first Smoke The Fuzz Fest ever!!

Smoke The Fuzz is breaking ground with the gathering of huge international bands of the heavy sound under one stage, thus creating the first ever festival in Greece that exclusively addresses to enthusiasts of doom/ post/ stoner/ sludge/ psychedelic/ space/ blues sounds! Three different editions on three different days were designed in accordance to the style of the bands included, thus rendering each day an unprecedented for Greek standards music marathon that will satisfy the wishes of the fans of each and every one of our favorite genres and subgenres. Smoke The Fuzz Fest is entirely special in its conception and identity, since the line-up of each day is globally unique, it does not follow a particular and is certainly not an extension or a copy of any other pre-existing international festival. All the bands were picked one by one, many of them flying as one-offs from the other side of the Atlantic!

Its second edition, “Howler edition”, will take place on Saturday 22 October 2016 at Iera Odos (Iera Odos 18-20, Athens, Greece) and includes an impressive lineup of some of the greatest bands of the stoner/psych/space/blues rock scene worldwide :


unprecedentedly sharing the same stage..!!

Pre-sale : https://www.viva.gr/tickets/music/gagarin205/smoke-the-fuzz-howler-edition-en/


The love and response showed by the Greek audience after their first ever (sold out) live show in our country, in Gagarin Music Space, could not be left unanswered. Thus, the wonder boys from Tennessee return to show once again why the whole heavy community is “hanging” on their guitar chords. Every album they release explores new aspects of their talent and every aspect seems to be perfect. How else could it be when, in only four years of existence, they’ve managed to captivate the attention of fans of every subgenre of rock? The melancholic blues of the south blend in with psychedelic experimentations, electrifying heavy riffs and, as of late (and as portrayed on the critically acclaimed Dying Surfer Meets His Maker) with a special, modern, post/indie aura. They are a musically multilayered band that always maintains emotion as the cornerstone of their structure, producing tracks that speak directly to the listeners’ souls.

Their discography so far is comprised by four albums that contain only anthems, hymns and no fillers at all. These anthems received a thundering vocal response by the Greek audience during their first visit and we are quite confident something like that will happen once again and certainly on a bigger scale this time. The ease and professionalism they portrayed when they appeared as second headliners after the historic Asteroid are indicative of the magnitude (and skills) of these amazing entertainers. Just the thought of experiencing live once again the magical songs of “Lightning At The Door”, “Our Mother Electricity” and “Dying Surfer Meets His Maker” makes us wonder if October could somehow arrive faster. Intoxicating heavy rock parts, blues of the finest quality and a stunning voice that begs the crowd to follow on wild sing-alongs are what All Them Witches are promising and, just like the last time, we are certain they will fulfill their promises. This line up of international standards could not be complete without a favorite band of the Greek audience, a band-phenomenon.





They are the trio that changed the way we listen to music the last 10 years, simple as that. It’s not a surprise that the number of new bands that they too decided soloing to infinity seems like a great idea skyrocketed after the release of “Sonic Prayer” and “Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky”, yet Earthless still remain, without a shadow of a doubt, the best. Music fans were always wandering “How long can a guitar solo remain interesting?”; and then Earthless responded “If your guitarist is Isaiah Mitchell, it can probably remain interesting forever”. Although we face the danger to sound heretical, many guitarists have laid claim to s the throne Jimi Hendrix left behind, but only one has reached so close to succeeding the ultimate master. It’s inconceivable how a man can produce the perfect notes on a guitar for such an extended period of time. However, every one of the attendants of that miraculous show on a November night, 2 years ago at AN Club, can testify that this is actually possible, since for 80 minutes we struggled to keep our jaws in their place, in part due to the – quite possibly- greatest display of funk/psychedelic skills the Greek audience had ever seen by a guitarist and in part due to the legendary, cosmogonic performance by the monstrous rhythm section of Mario Rubacalba and Mike Eginton.

 The layers of sound he produces, the totally transcendental and extra-terrestrial connection Isaiah Mitchell has with his guitar, the level of ecstasy their immense escalations create, all of this elements offer a wide pallet of colors and sensations from which each of us will choose what to use in order to paint their mental canvas for as long the nirvana of Earthless’ live appearance lasts. After the show-revelation of 2014 in Athens and with a new split with Harsh Toke on their arsenal, the emperors of blues/psychedelic jamming return to grant us once again rhythms of cosmic fantasies, a deeply emotional experience of instrumental music in the vein of Jimi Hendrix’s and Randy Hansen’s lengthy improvisations. We are certain that, exactly like two years ago, after their amplifiers have been turned off, we will once again have been left speechless.




Yes, you better believe it because it is not some kind of tacky joke. The kings of summer, the Danish lords of progressive psychedelia will be in Greece for Smoke The Fuzz Fest, despite the fact their live appearances have now become extremely rare in yearly basis. If the other bands of this line up have tried to explore the limits of jamming step by step, then we can say with hand on heart that Causa Sui never knew any limits. The psychedelic/jazz/fusion frenzy they create is unprecedented. They are one of the very few bands that one can describe as “unique” without second thoughts. The things we can say about them that have not already been told through their music are very little. What could we possibly write about the people that defined our summers with the triad of “Summer Sessions”, managing to capture the sounds, the sensations and the aura of a whole season? How could we describe the transition from the ethereal beauty of their so hypnotizing and tranquil passages to the frantic, technically amazing and simultaneously so uplifting jazz/fusion explosions only they can construct, rendering impossible to believe that such a multitude of sounds is created by only 4 people? Those are not the only good news though. The Danes are coming carrying in their suitcases 2016’s “Return To Sky”, which, might we dare say, captures the pinnacle of their creativity, perhaps even at a greater level than 2013’s mesmerizing “Euporie Tide”, placing those 4 priests of our art amongst the greatest musicians our generation has ever known. So many genres, so many musical instruments, so many musical philosophies, so elegantly fused within one sole creation. If music could be describes as an ocean, then Causa Sui are a gigantic wave that in it encloses 5 decades of rock and so many other genres. A band that almost never plays live shows anymore, yet we will have the honor of watching them play in our country. A rare band for a rare audience.




“They want to celebrate the love of the music together with the audience and the highest point of communication gets reached when there is happening a symbiosis between audience and band”. This is how the acid rockers from Germany describe their work themselves and our expectations for their first ever appearance in Greece have reached as high as the stratosphere.  Then again, if we take into consideration the kind of psychedelic orgies that Electric Moon have immortalized in so many albums -and in such short time-, it’s not entirely impossible we won’t actually feel like floating on the stratosphere when the psychedelic jamming  extravaganza they have in store for us unfolds in front of our very eyes. Their appearances at Duna Jam and Roadburn already qualify as legendary amongst the ranks of the heavy/psychedelic community and at last, after years of yearning to watch them live,  our wish is about to come true. If the live show of The Cosmic Dead and Ozric Tentacles a few months ago left you stunned, imagine these two musical philosophies merged into one bewitching and ever evolving offspring. Bound by oath to space sounds, electronic madness and the exploration of psychedelic rock jamming’s limits, Electric Moon distort the sense of time and unfold the many different strands of musical fantasy for the sake of the listener’s joy, introspect, mind travelling and catharsis. To be honest, judging by 2011’s “Inferno”, the alchemistic collaboration with Papir in “Papermoon Sessions” and especially now, by their latest staggering masterpiece “Theory Of Mind”, we guess that perhaps Electric Moons psychedelic rock jamming knows no limits. Further words fall short for such bands. Prepare your brain neurons, because they are about to suffer a psychedelic attack of improvisations from other dimensions.





The second Swedes of the day are what one would call seasoned musicians and beloved by the Greek crowd. Starting their journey long before the explosion of vintage/retro rock (despite the enchanting “A New Day Dawning” being released in 2004, the band had been active since late 90’s), Siena Root have been an inspiration for tens (at least) of bands that decided to dive into this genre and its branches.  They are a group famous for their equipment and the originality of their sound to the point that the release dates on their records seem like a well staged joke, rendering the fans of this sound unable to believe that this is not a group comprised of early 70’s musicians that found themselves in present society through some miraculous space and time travelling experience. Magical keyboard playing deeply inspired by early Deep Purple and Uriah Heep, riffs of pure rock as taught by Cream and Doors, boogie blues in the vein of Peter Green and Canned Heat, a deep love for ethnic influences from the East and an aura of San Francisco psychedelia; all these ingredients boil inside the cauldron of those beloved Swedes and emanate fragrances of Woodstock and progressive/folk rhapsodies, sounds from the earth and its roots and a primitive feeling of attraction for the notes they let wandering around us. Constantly collaborating with different musicians so they can freshen up their ideas and using instruments such as the sitar, the mandolin etc., Siena Root manage to sound different on every album, yet always so consistent of high quality. Every one of their albums is a unique trip different from the last, yet as beautiful at the same time, either gracing us with vintage rock dynamites (“Waiting For The Sun”), or taking us on long and beautiful folk/prog journeys (“Reverberations”). As for their live appearances, let’s just stick to the open secret that they always give an unexpected and even looser twist to their already beautiful material. There is no doubt the Greek audience is ready to welcome with open arms the root rock of the “godfathers” of Blues Pills and so many others of our beloved groups.




Keeping in mind that in mythology Erebus is considered to be Chaos materialized, symbolizing the ever ending vastness of darkness, then Yuri Gagarin’s psychedelia can be described as gorgeously Erebus-like. Although the Swedes climbed high on editor’s lists and received praising reviews thanks to last year’s gem “At The Center Of All Infinity”, the prowlers of the heavy underground were already in shock by the outrageous same titled debut of 2013. Creating a dark sci-fi wandering in forgotten corners of the universe, Yuri Gagarin achieved the visualization of the violence that the enchanting void of space holds within through noisy guitar orchestrations, solos from the beyond and brain melting electronic sound effects. The vision of Yuri Gagarin gained even greater dimensions with “At The Center Of All Infinity”, forcing even non-fans of this genre to turn their heads at their direction and rendering them one of the greatest –if not the greatest- uprising forces in the psychedelic stoner scene. They are a band –revelation with Greek fans and editors alike keeping them in a special place in their hearts. We never expected to see them in that phase of their career, yet in October 22nd they will be here in Athens to generously hand out spine chills to whomever hears songs like “First Orbit” or “Cluster Of Minds”. Painting cosmic soundscapes of mysterious planets, like cosmonauts trapped in a never ending trip to the unknown, Yuri Gagarin promise not only to prove that they are indeed the next big thing, but also that their cosmic violence will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the festival.





Lilliana Tseka
Lilliana Tseka
Surrealism : Pure psychic automatism, by which one proposes to express, either verbally, in writing, or by any other manner, the real functioning of thought. Dictation of thought in the absence of all control exercised by reason, outside of all aesthetic and moral preoccupation. Surrealism is based on the belief in the superior reality of certain forms of previously neglected associations, in the omnipotence of dream, in the disinterested play of thought. It tends to ruin once and for all other psychic mechanisms and to substitute itself for them in solving all the principal problems of life.

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