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Smoke The Fuzz Fest 2016 Post-mortem Edition


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Press release

Smoke The Fuzz gigs proudly presents the first Smoke The Fuzz Fest ever!!

Smoke The Fuzz is breaking ground with the gathering of huge international bands of the heavy sound under one stage, thus creating the first ever festival in Greece that exclusively addresses to enthusiasts of doom/post/stoner/sludge/psychedelic/space/blues sounds! Three different editions on three different days were designed in accordance to the style of the bands included, thus rendering each day an unprecedented for Greek standards music marathon that will satisfy the wishes of the fans of each and every one of our favorite genres and subgenres. Smoke The Fuzz Fest is entirely special in its conception and identity, since the line-up of each day is globally unique, it does not follow a particular and is certainly not an extension or a copy of any other pre-existing international festival. All the bands were picked one by one, many of them flying as one-offs from the other side of the Atlantic!

Its third edition, “Post-mortem edition”, will take place on Saturday and Sunday 5-6 November 2016 at Iera Odos (Athens, Greece) and includes an impressive lineup of some of the greatest bands of the post rock/metal scene worldwide :

Russian Circles (Saturday 5 November)

Cult of Luna w/ Julie Christmas (Sunday 6 November)

unprecedentedly sharing the same stage..!!

Pre-sale : https://www.viva.gr/tickets/music/iera-odos/smoke-the-fuzz-fest-en/


The Greek audience adores this band and with good reasons. Russian Circles never feared to merge the dream with the nightmare, the ethereal post rock with the violence of post metal, the atmospheric trip with the devastating crescendo. Largely defining the limits of 00’s and 10’s post rock (and many times testing those limits), Russian Circles have managed to hold a special place inside the hearts of this sound’s fans, presenting masterpieces all throughout their discography. Having collaborated with artists like Chelsea Wolfe, Kurt Balou and Brandon Curtis, having played alongside holy monsters of our music such as Tool and with their presence in all the important festivals of the heavy sound, it is obvious that Russian Circles perfectly combine imagination with experience. Their sound and technique paint unique soundscapes, which, at times, instead of post rock, it would be more befitting to be categorized under the imaginary label of… “post apocalyptic rock”. The sublime “Station” works as a testimony to the truth of the above words.

Constantly maturing as a band and as musicians separately, Russian Circles received more than enthusiastic reviews for the landmark album of 2013, “Memorial”, and it truly gives us spine chills to think that, when they appear next to Cult Of Luna, the multi-talented trio from Chicago will have the 7th gem of their discography on their arsenal. It is called “Guidance” and it will be released on August 5th. The progressive evolution of Russian Circles, their one of a kind creation of multiple sound layers and their so far incredible journey as servants of musical emotion fills us with confidence that the new songs will stand proudly next to their already beloved big siblings during the live show in Athens. The time has come to watch this great band the way they deserve it; in a majestic show of the highest standards that will transform hymns like “Harper Lewis”, “Death Rides A Horse”, “Geneva”, “Carpe” and so many more into something even greater…




One of the most important and groundbreaking bands of progressive/sludge/post metal   is coming to Greece for a historic live album presentation . Truly, we need not praise the majesty, the influence and the discographical journey of those titans of the modern metal sound. All one needs is to see the frenzy 2013’s “Vertikal” had caused amongst the ranks of editors and fans alike. And when it comes to “Mariner”, their new, breathtaking masterpiece that features Julie Christmas of Battle Of Mice and Made Out Of Babies, this work has already been labeled as a league on its own, in such short time from its release. This is the piece of art that we will have the privilege to enjoy in its entirety on the Post Mortem Edition of Smoke The Fuzz Fest. It is a collaboration and an artistic vision so colossal and unique in its conception that it never was meant to be played live. Yet here we are now; As Cult Of Luna stated “the stars have aligned perfectly” and for only 5 shows this dreamy post metal drama will come alive in front of the eyes of a few privileged fans.

Julie Christmas is coming from the other side of the Atlantic to give life to a haunted, so sweet as it is horrific, almost psychotic performance that we never expected to experience in a live show in our country. The abundance of praising reviews “Mariner” has already received barely scratch the surface of the artistic, musical magic we will witness on November 6th. The sometimes atmospheric and other times relentless battering of Cult Of Luna, whose alchemistic flow penetrates the depths of the listener’s soul – if these words are even capable of describing the notes that reside within “Mariner”-, is being completed by the paranoiac beauty of Julie Christmas’ performance (one of the most talented and most important voices of the post sound), just as graciously as night completes the day. It is time to bring out the magnificence of this unexpected and unprecedented collaboration, through a grandiose show of the highest technical and atmospheric standards. You better believe because it is true; one of the 5 live presentations of “Mariner” in the whole world will take place in Athens.







Russian Circles and Cult Of Luna feat. Julie Christmas. An unprecedented symbiosis of post grandeur on the stage of Iera Odos, weaved out of the dreams of the Greek fans of this scene.




Lilliana Tseka
Lilliana Tseka
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