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Sólstafir: ‘Dagmál’ video


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Icelandic post rock/metallers Sólstafir have announced the re-signing with Season Of Mist. The group is currently recording the new album and states: ‘We have fourteen songs recorded, including one cover version, but at the moment it’ is too early to tell what will end up on the album. The new album will definitely sound like Sólstafir and as always, there will be surprises too.”

The group also presents a new video for the song ‘Dagmál’, taken from their last album ‘Ótta’. Watch it below:

The group comments: ‘The album cycle of ‘Ótta’ is coming to a close with a third and final video for the song, ‘Dagmál’. The live footage for this clip was shot over the course of 18 months of heavy touring. The video features our newest band member, Hallgrímur ‘Grimsi’ Hallgrímsson, who started filling in behind the kit in April 2015.’

Nikos Nakos
Nikos Nakos
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