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Spectral Haze – I.E.V.: Transmutated Nebula Remains


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Genre: Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Soulseller Records
Year: 2014

Get ready for an intergalactic hyperspace journey to the beyond. Spectral Haze from Oslo, Norway created beneath aurora borealis in 2011, released a few days ago their first album titled “IEV: transmuted Nebula Remains” from Soulseller Records.

One thing is for sure they certainly stand out compared to the new psychedelic rock- doom metal bands. From the very beginning intro “Circumambulating Mount Meru” transports us to another dimension with psychedelic guitars, electronic effects and generally withgroovy space -stoner sounds. Sliding in the second track “Mercurian Mantra” where we have the first eerie vocals of Spacewulffand full reverb.

The rest of the LP rolls with awesomely good flow and perfect transition from one track to another, arriving at the last one 13min “Triads and Trishulas” which guides us out a huge fantastic trip. The vocals are sparse and demonic as otherworldly invite us the far beyond. Psychotropic intense bass and cosmic guitar effects are some of the main features of the album. Their experimentations on mixing quite a few genres works out really well. It really is one of those albums that it should be heard as a whole and not convulsive.

Overall it gives the feeling of being an old album of the 70s that was discovered buried in the depths of time. Alas the young and upcoming Spectral Haze carrying this remarkable vibe throughout their album they seem they came here to stay.

Must check songs: Mercurian Mantra, Descent Through the Intravoidal, Triads and Trishulas

Spectral Haze is:
Spacewülff | Interstellar Howls/Geetarrrgh
SönikSlöth | Supercosmic overdrive pedal infused guitar void
Döômdögg | Drone machinated AUM
Cëlestïal Cöbra | Conjurer of souls through ritual drums
Electric Starling (Theremin, VOID)
(Cause they have awesome names!!!)


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