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SS Decontrol – The Kids Will Have Their Say


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Genre: Hardcore / Punk
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Xclaim! / Dischord Records
Year: 1982

This particular superclassic, coming from the distant 1982, and the band whose fans liked to vandalize the lives of Minor Threat, rumored to be obsessed with straight edge life, so they “sold face” to the very guys who gave it birth. In music as well, they go one step further than the fathers of American Hardcore, with the highly matched cover of the album intrigue even today. Specifically, we are talking about about 20 minutes, 18 pieces of extreme punk, with the dose of rawness that befits the genre, played at double speeds, accompanied by furious drumming, aka tupa-tupa (?). Being unprepared of course, it may seem a little chaotic, irregular to the point that explodes with excess spontaneity the thoughts of the members on the political events of the time, the answer however is that that’s exactly the point and the simple but honest passion before fashion approach that gives the middle finger to the sharp-dressed English punks and others, reeks of speed and mood for life.

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