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Steel Arctus – Master of War


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Genre: Epic/Heavy Metal
Country: Greece
Label: –

Year: 2022
We really liked “Fire and Blood” tao years ago and we wrote  that we are eagerly waiting for the new album and the new epic adventures of Steel Arctus warrior. I actually mentioned that because it was so good, they could fit it 1 – 2 more songs to increase the overall length. In “Master of War” this will happen but other more important things will also happen. Everything works better for the band. They didn’t lose the momentum, they took advantage of the free time due to the pandemic and present us with a better version of the group in all sections. Tasos Lazaris sings more released and sounds like a great mix of Geoff Tate and Ralf Scheepers. The compositions of Nash G. are clearly improved. There are even catchier songs, even more epic and majestic choruses and pervasive melodies that a create a match of epic and solid sound. The playing of the members is perfect this time too, exuding confidence and certainty. The keyboards continue to have a distinctive role. They only exist where they can lend something more to the composition. When the album starts with an amazing song like “Master of War” and ends with an awesome instrumental like “Cry for Redemption”, what could go wrong in between? Absolutely nothing! “Master of War” is one of the best Epic/Heavy albums of this years and attests the potential of  the underground. Steel Arctus just released a great album and i hope they do the right thing in spreading it and promoting it as well as in their future plans.

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