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Stheno/Facada – Primitive


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Genre: Grindcore/Crust/Black/Death
Country: Greece/Brazil
Label: D.I.Y. Kolo Records/ Drunk With Power Records/ Scull Crasher Records/ Laja Rekords
Year: 2017

Greek blackened sonic hooligans Stheno are back, this time with ‘Primitive’, a split release with Brazilians Facada. Stheno are pretty active since their creation, back in 2013, having released two splits, an ‘Ep and a full album last year. Seven new songs (clocking around 11 minutes), including a killer cover on GBH ‘City Baby Attacked by Rats’ (guest vocals by Facada’s Carlos James). The punk/hardcore elements are less comparing to their earlier releases, while blackened moments are conquering their sound. The group’s productivity doesn’t affect negatively their quality, with the songs being pretty energetic and aggressive. We’ll also find guest leads by Jim Politis (The Ghost Notes) on ‘Hoist The Shame’ and by mighty Takafumi Matsubara (Gridlink) on ‘Inclussion Dissuading’. For Facada this is their first official recording since their third full length ‘Nadir’ back in 2013. Four songs (clocking around 4 minutes) of old school, crusty grindcore that flirts with death metal. The Brazilians are delivering simple-structured songs, with raw and filthy production that reveal their anger and aggressiveness. In general, this is a release that marries old school grindcore with modern blackened grindcore, a release that worths every penny of your money and your support.



Nikos Nakos
Nikos Nakos
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