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Still Ill – Building the Beast


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Genre: Brutal Hardcore
Country: Germany
Label: Demons Run Amok Entertainment
Year: 2016

Being around in hardcore shows in Europe & reading online hardcore news, I’ve seen Still Ill’s name quite a few times. Having signed to a major yet underground label like Demons Run Amok Entertainment, I bet it helps to gain a good reputation, too. So, first thing I’ve noticed when I got the record in my hands, was the awesome artwork; dark, Integrity / Holy Terror aesthetics, reversed triangles, goats / demons, you know the deal. Second thing I’ve noticed was the super cool production; everything’s so clean yet heavy & groovy. I definitely like this kind of production style when it comes to bands performing metallic hardcore. And Still Ill is one of them.

‘Building the beast’ includes 9 songs & an intro of heavy, metallic, brutal hardcore in the vein of bands like Ringworm, the aforementioned Integrity, and should I say Hatebreed and the likes?! There’s also a modern touch, reminding me of bands like Lifeless and maybe Nasty in some more beatdown moments.

Lyric-wise, the band deals with social & political issues, criticising the modern society and the way its citizens behave & act. To be honest, I really like the lyrics because it’s more common for metal driven dark hardcore bands to use post-apocalyptic or hateful lyrics and not to take a stance for issues like the ones Still Ill seem to care.

The record also features guest vocals by members of bands like Optimist, Done & Countdown.

All in all, it’s a very easy-listening metallic hardcore record that won’t get you bored or anything. I enjoyed listening to this and I’ll put it again in my stereo for sure! It’s nothing ground-breaking but it’s honest and very well played; if you are a fan of this genre you should give it a try!

Apostolis Mokas
Apostolis Mokas
Between booking shows, driving bands all over Europe, releasing cool punk/hardcore records with World's Appreciated Kitsch, distributing even cooler stuff via Uprising Hardcore Distro, touring with My Turn and watching movies with his girlfriend, Apostolis writes reviews & columns for Metal Invader (after a special invitation by Gio and the ultimate promise to become rich one day, making money out of this), trying to spread the word about the underground hardcore scene. Check out his FB and follow his endless activities: www.facebook.com/worldsappreciatedkitsch

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