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Straight Hate: Listen to their new song ‘Disagreement'


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Polish death/grinders Straight Hate have just released their debut album, entitled ‘Every Scum Is A Straight Arrow’, via Deformeathing Production. Below you can listen to the song ‘Disagreement’:

The cover artwork and album tracklisting follow:

straight hate, grindcore, death, poland


  1. High Priest’s Hand Gesture
  2. Don’t Be So Cheap
  3. Beautiful Slut
  4. Self-Deception
  5. Lovely Family
  6. Fuck It This Is Grindcore
  7. Looking For A Victim
  8. The Defenders Of Morality
  9. Disagreement
  10. Corporation
  11. Ludzki Szlam
  12. Extinction
  13. Impatient Diarrhea
  14. Old Friends
  15. The King Of Everything
  16. Sofa Agent
  17. Tear The Flesh

In case you’ve missed it, track ‘Self-Deception’ has been revealed some days ago:

Leonidas Douras
Leonidas Douras
My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore.

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