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Suicidal Tendencies – World Gone Mad


Genre: Crossover/Punk/Funk
Country: U.S.A
Label: Suicidal Records
Year: 2016

“Riot squad, bash their heads
Kick their ass until they’re dead
I want to be a fascist pig”

This is what the youngster full of energy Mike Muir used to say back in 1983. Now in 2016 the youngster grew up and his energy remains intact. These were ST and these remain. With their eleventh record they continue the path that they themselves carved and they bring to all of us what they know best to do. There are really so many things that someone can write about this family/band but we are going to stick to ‘World Gone Mad’. Always constant to their values with a nonstop drum n’ bass, Dean with his lead guitar giving funky/metal lessons and of course Cyco Mike becoming one with the mic full of authenticity and suicidal attitude! Surely what we expected the most with this album was the drumming, after the huge Herrera-DeGrasso-Wackerman-Moore and others, Lombardo completes the list. Who sounds just like he was a member of this band like forever and he definitely gave a more metal aesthetic, rather than the funk that we were all used to, in the last few years. Eleven songs that personally brought me back to ‘Suicidal for Life’ with a hint of ‘Freedumb’, and in many cases they bring in mind Infectious Grooves something that is especially positive because nevertheless ‘these freaks are here to party’! I don’t want to highlight any song in particular they all have their specificity, fast parts, strong groove, ballads, punk atmosphere and so on. Overall the album is exceptional without having any new element but a mixture of ST from their vast course, what else do you want eh listener, shut up-listen-feel-ST for life! There are many feeling that are brought to life during the songs, from the one you want to take the skate and go out on the road without thinking much and from the other you want to free your hair and go back to the age where you were air guitaring in front of the mirror and suddenly you are one step away from getting your sharpest knife and visit your bad neighbor who drives you nuts for being noisy. This is Suicidal a mix of feelings and sound. Summing up, we have a traditional Suicidal album with a punk atmosphere and the classic characteristic vocals complemented by excellent drumming and the well-known Suicidal bass. The production is exceptional and highly realistic as always, you close your eyes and you can imagine them playing in the next room. Pure enjoyment! You will definitely invest in this with your eyes closed and support Suicidal Records.

“I know what I’m doing
I know why I am here
I got my way of living
And I don’t care if you understand
Right now nothing else matters
I forgot about the pain
I got something that’s better
All be told it’s a cyco thang”


Leonidas Douras
Leonidas Douras
My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore.

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