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Superlynx – Electric Temple


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Genre: Doom/Psych
Country: Norway
Label: Dark Essence
Year: 2021

Sometimes getting lost into the void seems the most appropriate way to enjoy life, but things can become slightly better if there is also the right soundtrack there to take you to another dimension.

Superlynx come from Oslo, Norway and play psychedelic tunes with doom elements and some nice sludge highlights. “Electric Temple” has a unique atmosphere, consisting of some real heavy riffs, enchanting ethereal vocals and massive drums that pave the way to the other side. The production in this album is beyond amazing, kudos to Marc Urselli (Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Keith Richards, etc) however I would prefer the drums to be a little higher, just a little. This is an album to listen to all by yourself in massive headphones and the drums could make a huge difference, along with bass boosted echoes. The best track off this album is definitely “Moonbather”, which combines all the aforementioned, along with slightly folk-ish tunes and a little bit of post rock too.

To be honest, this is not my cup of tea as a genre, but “Electric Temple” has definitely SOMETHING I can’t really explain, but hooks you up a bit. The Norwegian trio managed to adjust a mourning element, according to their saying, to some really dark trips to another dimension. Available both on standard jewel case CD and vinyl through the band’s Bandcamp page.

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