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Suspiral – Delve Into The Mysteries of Transcendence


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Genre: Chaotic / Occult Black Metal, Black / Death Metal
Country: Spain
Label: I, Voidhanger Records
Year: 2016

Suspiral is a two – piece act coming from Galicia, Spain and has been active since 2014. Suspiral’s first release came out in 2015 as an EP entitled “Dawn of Kezef”. This year (2016) the band returns with its first full length album “Delve Into The Mysteries of Transcendence”, a three – track record, with half an hour of total runtime.

Have you ever looked so deep into the Abyss and felt that that’s where you belong? Have you ever reached that level of dark transcendence, where the mysteries of life and death are so eloquently unfolded before you? Well, if not, then Suspiral’s first full length release can provide you with the ideal tools to experience the aforementioned states. The excessively torturing riffs, along with those beastie vocals that can make you feel constantly uncomfortable is a recipe that can never go wrong. The vocals have a weird unsettling quality. If you’ll let yourself go and surrender to the magic of Suspiral’s work, you’ll feel your heart pounding violently in your chest and anxiety will keep your soul unrest, as if the weight of an impending doom lies on your shoulders. I personally felt asphyxiated; I was struggling to catch my breath. Unimaginably imposing song structures. The guitar work is magnificent, especially when the rhythms are slower. Makes you feel like dancing in a slow spiral motion heading ‘downstairs’ while at the same time giving into pain and madness. The drums are filling the sound properly, working in the background as a silent hero. The use of eerie samples is a nice touch that intensifies the already intense atmosphere. Moreover, there’s an enticing continuity between the tracks. No abrupt changes in rhythms or long pauses; as if the whole record is one track only, which for me is something more than pleasant. The only thing that can count as negative is the fact that the production is a bit filthier than needed and that the vocals should have been a click louder. Other than that, we’re talking about a more than well – crafted record that will leave the enthusiasts of extreme music genres satisfied.

If you crave for some ominous and chaotic black metal, this is what you need. Invest in Suspiral’s “Delve Into The Mysteries of Transcendence” without second thoughts!


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