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Sworn – A Journey Told Through Fire


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Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Country: Norway
Label: The Circle Music
Year: 2023

Norwegians Sworn were formed in 2005, but due to a lengthy hiatus for unknown reasons to me, they returned in 2018 and yet this is their 4th studio album to date, that follows ‘Dark Stars and Eternity’, that was quite very good album with memorable riffs and excellent melodies, that could and probably should won more attention from the masses. Still Sworn seems to be the well-kept secret of Bergen. I don’t think that this status can describe their position in Metal universe as their latest work entitled A Journey Told Through Fire will (must) be their breakthrough to bigger audiences. They have evolved their sound, filtering perfectly their influences (Dissection, Sacramentum, Necrophobic), while their performance is totally top notch. No one could predict such a progress for a band that silently became from an underground promising act to a Melodic Black monster. It’s been a couple of months that this gem is out and no one has any serious excuse of not buying it, as all who had the luck of listening to it had or will do! Their furious sound is definitely guitar driven, but the album is also dominated by the atmosphere. Great and fitted blast beats dresses the brilliant riffs that often have this characteristic melodic tremolo. The song structure is marvelous, all 7 songs are lengthy; more than 6 minutes long and sets the listener to a trippy mood as the word “journey” in the title is the perfect one to describe this soundscape Sworn have crafted so perfect here. Killer melodies and memorable tunes some acoustic passages when things turn a bit slower, with Calamity Sea and The Forsaken lifting the whole album in its entirety, as they are probably the best moments of a tight record with fresh ideas and incredible production from Dan Swano that let all instruments to equally shine giving a beautiful result that should be added to your fav lists of the year! The vinyl edition by the Greek underground label The Circle Music is just the icing on the cake for this release…

Lineup on the recording:
Max Wilson – Vocals
Christoffer Kjørsvik – Lead Guitars, Bass and Synthesizers
Gøran Hope – Rhythm Guitars
Tom Ian Klungland – Drums
Guest appearances:
Phillip Nathaniel Freeman – Narration on the intro of A Godless Domain
All music by Christoffer Kjørsvik, except for “Monumental”, written by Christoffer Kjørsvik and Tom Ian Klungland.
All lyrics by Christoffer Kjørsvik, Max Wilson and Tom Ian Klungland.

Nikos Nakos
Nikos Nakos
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