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Taake: Back-to-back concert cancellations in the US, due to a hail of criticism


Last Updated on 02:47 AM by Nikos Nakos

Taake‘s forthcoming North American tour has been met with cancellations by some of the venues. In particular, three scheduled concerts in New York, Chicago and Kansas City were cancelled, due to a hail of criticism that has risen up on the opposite side of the Atlantic by anti-fascist groups against the band and the organizers.

The reason for this state is the relation of the Norwegian blackmetallers with Nazism, while it is reminded that back in 2007, in Germany, the frontman, Hoest, had appeared on stage with a swastika painted on his chest.

The venues’ managers, however, refused to admit openly the reasons for the cancellation of these appearances, and in the relevant announcements, the fear of not having the proper safety conditions during the concerts is mentioned as the main reason.

On top of that, three more venues in the US where Taake concerts are planned (in Denver, Baltimore and Pittsburgh) have removed the specific events from their schedule and it is still unknown if they will take place after all, whilst King Dude, who would be the opening act for the Norwegians on their tour, dropped off, explaining that “I do not preach hate, nor would I endorse a setting that allows hate to happen”.

On the side of the band, however, there was a counterblast, with Hoest stating that “wearing a swastika once was not at all meant to show support for the Nazi ideology. It was all about doing something extreme for the sake of it. Taake is not a racist band. Still claiming so is as ridiculous and unfounded as are the attempts at sabotaging our highly anticipated shows”.

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