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Kerry King has just released his first solo album, entitled 'From Hell I Rise', via Reigning Phoenix Music. The group presents the music video for the new song 'Toxic'. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/B2TmL78eHg0?si=xxcnVq6MitaC-RMA
Black/thrash metallers Satanic Priest are going to release their debut full length album, entitled '... Of Blasphemies & Lust!', on May 20th via Vicious Witch Records. Check the cover artwork and the tracklist. 1. Intro 2. Don't Burn...

The Nuclear Power Trio: Trump, Kim Jong Un, Mike Tyson shoot music video to promote world peace!

Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Mike Tyson unite to form musical supergroup “The Nuclear Power Trio” to promote world peace! Featuring Nick Schendzielos (Havok,...

Job for a Cowboy – Sun Eater

Genre: Deathcore/Death Metal Country: U.S.A. Label: Metal Blade Records Year: 2014 Here's a band that never made me feel anything special about them. Why? Well i do not...

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